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Woman The Very Spice.

I am woman. I create life. I am not an afterthought or an optional adjunct to an independent, self-sufficient man. I am the Very Spice that sweetens the world. I am Beautiful. God said without Me man’s condition was not Good. I am the help/strength that rescues and saves man. I will always Love and Cherish me. I would Love myself as much as my creator does. I am my first Lover. I know my worth and I’ve paid dearly for every ounce of it.


Dear Woman,

Your body Loves you, It deserves to be Loved right back. Women like you don’t happen often, Never forget about how Rare you are. Your Curves are where they are meant to be and there is Nothing shameful about that. You are so much more than a body. Don’t let anyone make you feel like any part of you isn’t good enough. This Body is just the keeper of your Magic and it deserves your unconditional love. Taking care of Yourself is Productive. You are the most Valuable Investment you’ll ever make. Lighten up on Yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness and be kind to the parts of yourself that are still Learning. Work Out because you Love Your Body not because you hate it. Your weight is Nobody’s concern unless you are sitting on their face. Don’t compare yourself to Friends and Strangers on the Internet. Comparison is an act of Violence against Yourself. You are Beautiful just the way you are and thats on. Periodt. Life is too short to spend it at War with Yourself.

Her Gender With Society

On what I would ordinarily consider a perfect day, I got abusive comments from some acquaintance on my whatsapp because i wore a bikini . Usually, I love free lecture days like these. The house was hot, I was stressed. Last night rain didn’t help me feel better. This is one of the rare free days i would get from my department and i wanted to feel relaxed and chilled. So i decided to visit the pool, I packed up to go have some awesome me time. There i was in that cold water, relaxing and catching vibes, then i decided it won’t be complete without beautiful pictures and videos. I got my phone and started pretty girl drama. The pictures were beautiful of course, so i decided posting some on my whatsapp story and that was when these beautiful women replied with awful and hateful words like “see belle like Goat” and “which kind big belle” with laughing emoji backup .

I was very surprised as i read through the messages they had left me because i mean this is my gender and i thought society with the majority of men were the ones setting impossible beauty standards but look at my gender doing the most once again as usual . In my case it was Body Shaming, I don’t know what yours is or will be. I just need you to know that there is no profitable gain in not Loving and cheering your sisters, there is no gain in Hate. Support other women… behind every great woman i pray will be another great woman, whispering “you’ve got this in her ears” . you don’t have to condemn another woman just to look good in the sight of men. For me, My body does far more for me than your opinion ever will. It’s Not my responsibility to fulfill your Expectations. And even if we all ate and exercised exactly the same, We Would Still Look Very Different.

Too Special And Beautiful For Rags. Why A Woman Should Not Let Any Man Abuse Her.

It’s so funny how we couldn’t wait to grow up and now i just can’t help, but ask how i got here. Lollipop has turned into cigarettes. Soda becomes Vodka. Kisses turn into sex. Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground ? When protection meant wearing a Helmet and a glove ? When the best things you could get from boys were Love Letters ? When wearing a skirt didn’t make you a slut ? The only drug you knew was cough medicine. Goodbyes only meant until tomorrow. The most pain you felt was when you skimed your knees, but Now this grown up gets a beating everyday and she calls it Love. she is called a slut almost everytime she dresses up. You let him put his filthy hands on you to abuse you ? friends ask or perphaps someone needs to come and drag you out of there, one of them said. “It is Love.” you always responded and pretended to be okay when anyone tries to help you. Are you seriously Loving someone else more than yourself ? There is no shame in leaving Rags But there is shame in putting it on. Oh, Have you forgotten so quick who you are ? Society has played the female gender down, the everyday rule, the do’s and don’t to having a man cherish you. They do not see a future above man, and some how just maybe they have your mind structured and prepared for just that, when you can be that and so much more.

Sis, a man is not the only purpose you were created for, he is an addition to your purpose and a partner to help ease and sweeten your journey so if you are choosing one, it should not be the one with the wrong mentality that believes he is lord over you and it gets into him and he begins to misbehave, then you are told to bear and endure or maybe you don’t have anyone giving you the endurance speech, you are just scared of speaking up or somehow your smart head tells you that it would be shameful. I mean is it not this guy you been flaunting ? how do you come out and say he has been a monster and you have been coping and pretending to be happy, you feel people will have a good laugh but, then you forget to always put yourself first, to always love yourself and make the best decisions for your peace and happiness or is it because of his constant spoiling with expensive gifts or No, maybe you are just overthinking it , he loves you and he is not perfect just like every other human and he is always sorry after beating you up. I must tell you that people don’t really matter, especially the mockers in your gender that remains a big work in progress. They should not influence personal decisions. so, whenever those demons whisper to trick you into believing you are unworthy and you should settle and manage disrespect , you will tell them boldly to shut down because You are so precious regardless of what anyone thinks or says. You are the best of both worlds. You are Beautiful. You are your first Lover and You are in charge. You are fiery. You are more confident than you think. You are Worthier than you can ever imagine. You are that focused and ambitious Queen. You are a Boss. You are as alpha as they come. But at the same time you know where to draw the line and be a woman. You are immensely passionate and loving than you can ever dream of. You are affectionate, passionate, and extremely sexual. You have a soft, submissive side, with a heart of Gold. You know how to take care of your partner. You are spiritual, selfless, and understands the definition of unconditional love. You may be flawed and imperfect, but You are it. You are the very spice that sweetens the world and whoever God decides to send you, will be the Luckiest Man Alive.


Why A Woman Should Never Let Her Head Down.

In our society today, we see most of the abuse and disrespect the female gender battles. It is either the opposite gender is abusing her physically, blackmailing her with sextape and nude pictures, spreading details of intimate moments she had with him. society dictates how she should live her life, saying “your skirt is too short, your shirt is too low, don’t show so much skin. Cover Up, don’t be a temptress. Men can’t control themselves. Men have needs. Look sexy. Look hot. Don’t talk when men are talking. Learn how to cook so a man can marry you. Don’t be confident. Don’t be rich. Men don’t like these things. Go to the Gym. slim down. Add up. Men like Thick but not too thick.”

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe she’s trapped in the societal prison of impossible beauty standards. I don’t care what society deems as highly valuable. Women do not have to be perfect to be appreciated. Sis, anytime you are faced with any silly condemnation from society Or those insecurities try to get the better Or maybe you made a mistake somehow. Always hold your head up. Forgive yourself and do better. You are a strong woman regardless of what society says.

You will not be another Flower, Picked for your Beauty and left to die. You will be Wild, Difficult to find, and impossible to Forget. You don’t sit around feeling Sorry for yourself nor let people mistreat you. You don’t respond to people who dictate to you or try to bring you down. If you fall you will rise up even stronger because you are a survivor and Not a victim. You are in Control of your life and there’s Nothing you can’t Achieve. And if you ever let your head down, it should be just to Admire Your Shoes.


Celebrate all your Achievements and Failures. It is the Ups and Downs that prove you’ve Truly Lived. Stop comparing yourself with other girls. There will always be someone smarter or prettier than you. But your value doesn’t decrease just because Someone is unable to see your Uniqueness. Stop to Admire the little things in life No matter how busy you’re. Always work to Live, Not Live to work.